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Pedestrian Link Bridge from RTA Metro Station to The Dubai Mall

 The scope of the project comprises the design, execution and completion of an elevated 820 meter long pedestrian link between the Dubai Metro Burj Khalifa Station and The Dubai Mall forming part of the Downtown Dubai Development in the Emirate of Dubai. The metro link has 5 travelators in each direction, 10 in all, with a central walkway to provide additional space for pedestrian use.

The travelator’s move at an average speed of 0.5 meters per second and can carry 5,760 people per hour. The link is elegantly designed in glass with views of the Downtown Dubai Development including the Burj Khalifa incorporates add-on features such as exit routes along its length and access stairs.


EMAAR Properties PJSC


Downtown Dubai Development Pedestrian Link from RTA Metro to the Dubai Mall


WS Atkins (Designer), Turner (Project Manager) and Khatib & Alami (Supervision)